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Going Part-Time

Day one of going part-time at my day job. Enormous fortune permits me to take this step, so that I can focus more on writing. I now have afternoons free to work on finishing my WIP.

The first thing I did today after finishing work was go for a walk in the park. It’s a short distance from my house, and is empty except for a few dog-walkers. I moved away from London two years ago, and back then I would have balked at the idea of having so much open space to myself. London has many beautiful parks, but in fair weather they are rammed with people.

Today it was just me, and a little Jack Russell chasing a ball in the distance.

A yet greater fortune to begin this process now, in the full swing of Autumn. My journey to walking cliché is nearing completion: snobby little artiste takes his post-lunch stroll amongst the falling leaves. I see where this is going. He pauses to adjust his beret, becomes transfixed by an interesting knot on a nearby tree. Nightfall comes and still he stares, and eventually the police escort him home. The family don’t fuss, they are used to it by now.

Also, coincidentally, my writing career becomes “official” on Halloween. Coincidence or dark portent?